Our Flavours, and how to order

To place an order:

Please choose from our current flavours and preferred gift box size.  If any flavours are out of stock we will get straight back to you to suggest an alternative flavour.

Drop us an email at hyggeconfectionery@gmail.com or give us a ring at either 07725 774168 or 07855 585547 if you would like to discuss your order, or for event orders

Alternatively, you can message us on Instagram or FB for orders or enquiries.

Our flavours:

(Please note, some flavours may be out of stock)

Strawberry; Raspberry; Lemon Honey & Lavender; Black Forest; Apricot Chocolate Caramel; Mixed Chocolate Ganache;

Passionfruit; Spiced Chilli; Coconut and Lime; Orange; Lime & Thyme; Summer Berry; Mint; Guava & Mango Caramel; Cappuccino Cup; Salted Caramel with Balsamic Vinegar

Valentine's Collection: Strawberry & Rose; Raspberry, Vanilla & Honey; Honey & Lavender

Rhubarb Crumble (seasonal); Hot Cross Bun (seasonal); 

Lime & Thyme (seasonal); Summer Berry (seasonal); Peach Melba (seasonal)

Autumn Spice (seasonal);  Banoffee Pie (seasonal); Maple & Pecan Crunch (seasonal)

Toffee Apple (Christmas Special); Figgy Pudding (Christmas special); Winter Spice (Christmas Special); Clementine & Cardamom (Christmas special); 

Our chocolates may contain the following allergens so please do let us know of any allergies when ordering:

Milk, nuts, gluten (Banoffee Pie, and Rhubarb Crumble), soy, sulphites (Salted Caramel with Balsamic Vinegar, and Hot Cross Bun), and traces of egg (in some of our cocoa butter dyes)

2024 Prices 

We have unfortunately had to increase our prices from May 2024 due to worldwide increase in chocolate prices.  We will honour the prices quoted for all event bookings and orders made before May 2024.

Gift box of 6                     £7.80 (+postage)

Gift box of 12 £15.00 (+postage )

Gift box of 16 £20.00 (+postage)

Gift box of 24                   £30.00 (+postage)

Event orders - under 50 Chocolates - £1.25 per chocolate

50 - 100 Chocolates - £1.20 per chocolate

100+ Chocolates - £1.15 per chocolate

For event orders we can create bespoke flavours unique to you, and we can tailor the decoration of the chocolates to match your colour scheme.

Raspberry Ruby 

Strawberry Ruby 

Lemon, Lavender & Honey

Black Forest

Apricot Chocolate Caramel


Rhubarb Crumble

Maple & Pecan Crunch

Toffee Apple

Autumn Spice

Cappuccino Cup

Lime & coconut

Banoffee Pie

Spiced Chilli

Figgy Pudding

Clementine & Cardamom

Winter Spice

Salted Caramel with Balsamic Vinegar

Strawberry & Rose

Raspberry, Vanilla & Honey

Lavender & Honey

Hot Cross Bun

Summer Berry

Mixed Chocolate Ganache


Peach Melba

Guava & Mango Caramel