Hygge Confectionery is a family team bringing together Patisserie Chef qualification, a passion for chocolate, and Danish heritage to produce inspired chocolate creations.

'Hygge' is a difficult word to translate, but essentially it is contentment, cosiness, comfort, happiness, wellbeing, sharing with loved ones, all rolled up into one neat little word.

How do you pronounce 'Hygge'? Well, the 'y' is similar to the 'u' in the French "tu", and the 'e' at the end is a soft 'er' sound. 

We are busy experimenting with and making new exciting chocolates, so this website will be a work in progress - bear with us!

Please visit our social media sites for more information on Hygge Confectionery.

We look forward to hearing from you!


email: hyggeconfectionery@gmail.com

tel: 07725 774168 (Michael)

or 07855 585547 (Anne)

Please note:  We are taking a break in August, returning in time for the Deddington Market on the 24th August.  Have a super summer!